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The policy-making body of SMEA is REP Council, which is comprised of Active members of the Association, which derives its powers from and is responsible to the membership. Site Leaders are elected annually by the Active members of the site for a term of one year.  Each site is allowed one (1) Site Leader for every twenty (20) Active certificated staff members or major fraction thereof.


Site REPs are responsible for conducting constant and ongoing communication between the Executive Board and members of the school site.  They are to serve as the official channel through which written communications and publications via print or email can be easily and quickly transmitted between the Association and its members. They are your first line in association assistance on your school site.  They are to represent the views and input of the membership of the school site in votes taken at REP Council.  They also perform such additional duties as prescribed by the Executive Board and run elections on their site, in which he or she is not a candidate.

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Elementary REPS

Shannon Williams
Stephanie Tuimavave

Leslie Kerr
Jeanine Smith

Joli Ann Leichtag
Kristen Rance
Eliza Trammell

Knob Hill
Suzy Miller
Debra Stroemer

La Costa Meadows
Susan Smith
Andrea Berning

Paloma Elementary
Sharon Duncan
Lisa Williams

Richland Elementary
Jill Blackwell
Sasha Stone 

San Elijo Elementary School
Laurie Anastasio
Stacy Miller
Annie Kreger

San Marcos Elementary
Jose Rodriquez
Camilo Gee

Twin Oaks Elementary School
Sarah Williams

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K-8 & Middle School REPs

Double Peak 
Sheryl Grout
Koreen Corbett
Kim White(alt)

La Mirada Academy
Lora Zaroff
Bryan Diamond
Austin Murphy

San Elijo Middle School
Cathy Munson
Dylan Connor
Bryan Todd

San Marcos Middle School
Shannon Hobbs
Valery Harris
Kelsey Peltzer

Woodland Park Middle School
Katrin Martin
Pat Marks
Warren Garnier
Gary Keeton

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High School REPs

Foothills High School/Twin Oaks High School

Ann Amu

Mission Hills High School

Sari Delagneau

Erin Morrison

Christopher Coughlin

Deanna Drewniak

Cari Jean Nelson

Mallory Gallagher

San Marcos High School

Karen Saffian-Jimenez

Stephanie Vasconcellos

Lori Nyugen

Scott Norman

Zach Stevens-Wills

Bianca Kimsey

Joshua Clements

Chris Norby

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