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We believe that San Marcos educators are the best in the country and are very happy that you have chosen to work with us. The San Marcos Educators Association (SMEA) is here to help you at the local level in many ways. California Teachers Association (CTA) and National Educators Association (NEA) are your professional organizations at the state and national levels respectively.
SMEA is the union that represents Certificated Employees in the San Marcos Unified School District. It exists primarily to protect and advance the professional and economic interests of its members. With approximately 1,050 members, SMEA is your advocate for providing a free, quality public education to all children. SMEA as a local association of CTA ensures members a number of benefits:


Member Rights: as your bargaining representative, SMEA is your advocate when negotiating contracts and providing resources to defend your rights.


Member Benefits Program: low rates and substantial discounts on home loans, personal, life and car insurance, merchandise, travel, legal & credit union services and discounted Gold's gym memberships are some of the valuable benefits included in your membership.


Legal Protection: members receive a Professional liability policy with coverage up to $1 million in professional liability insurance and access to more than 40 different law firms offering free consultations and discounted fees on various personal legal services.
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