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SMEA Membership Commitment

Membership supports our colleagues. The ability to represent all bargaining unit members with the District is strengthened by the membership.

Our effectiveness in bargaining fair and just salaries, benefits, and working conditions is directly related to member support and the power we have in our collective voice.  Increasing funding to public schools, reducing class sizes, improving school safety, and ensuring that professional rights such as due process and permanent status are protected are direct results of the important work we have been able to accomplish because of a united membership. 


Union membership provides many critical benefits for you and your colleagues. Only members can have input and vote on the local contract regarding learning and working conditions, salary, health care, and other benefits. Members have access to an experienced attorney as needed when issues arise around discipline, credentialing questions, complaints, and layoffs.  Through various local trainings and CTA conferences, members have access to teacher-led professional development, as well as scholarships for continuing their education. Members also receive $1,000,000 educators’ liability insurance, retirement assistance, and numerous discounts on travel, restaurants, and entertainment.

SMEA Active Members

An active member of the Association, paying dues to SMEA/CTA/NEA. 

• Member is an Active SMEA/CTA/NEA Member 

• Member is covered under the $1,000,000 Educators Employment Liability coverage

• Member has access to legal representation

• Member can vote and ratify the contract

• Member is eligible to run for and vote for Association officers

• Member may participate in SMEA/CTA Professional Development Workshops and Conferences. 
• Member is eligible for CTA-sponsored insurance programs and other membership benefits.

• Monthly dues are deducted from Paycheck September thru June.

SMEA Active Members with Maintenance of Dues Provision

Have completed & signed an enrollment form or Commitment Card.

An active member of the Association committed to being a member of SMEA/CTA/NEA and agreeing to pay annual dues required for membership and authorizing SMUSD to deduct monthly dues from each pay period September thru June of each year.  

• The Maintenance of Dues provision specifies that members pay dues on a year-to-year basis but may drop their dues payment obligation during an annual window period starting 60 days before and ending 30 days before their anniversary date (signature date) of enrollment.

*Opting Out of the CTA/ABC Funds. 

Occasionally unit members have concerns with political decisions made by the local union or CTA/NEA. ​

Member is an Active SMEA/CTA/NEA Member but chooses not to contribute their dues to the CTA/ABC Fund. The CTA Association for Better Citizenship (CTA/ABC) Committee administers the political action fund of the Association in accordance with policy set by the State Council of Education. The committee accepts applications for campaign assistance from local chapters to assist in school board races, local bond measures, and other initiatives. 2.9% of your CTA dues go to the CTA/ABC Fund.

• All Membership Rights and Benefits are intact with this option.

• New Members can opt-out of the CTA/ABC Fund by bubbling in the Opt-Out portion of the Membership Enrollment Form. Current Members can fill out the General Fund Allocation Form or speak to our Membership Chair.

Non Members

• Non Members receive representation on matters pertaining ONLY to the collective bargaining agreement.

• Non Members cannot vote on contract ratification.

• Non Members cannot hold office or vote in local elections. 

• Non Members are not covered under the $1,000,000 Educators Employment Liability coverage

• They do not receive the valuable membership benefits of Disability Insurance, low rates and substantial discounts on home loans, personal, life and car insurance, merchandise, travel, legal & credit union services.

• Non Members do not pay dues but receive the benefits of the negotiated contract.

There is no longer an Agency Fee Status.

There is no longer a Religious Objector Status. 

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