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Member Benefit Programs

SMEA members have access to all kinds of activities; from discounts on programs to further your credential, to boosting your retirement, to shopping, travel, and adventures like theme parks and movies. 

Further Your Credential:

1. SMEA has negotiated a 20% discount with UCSD for classes that help clear and extend your credential.  Click on the photo below to go to the website to find classes and sign up. 

SMEA member gets 20% off (1).png
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Further Your Credential:

2. CTA has many online courses in Professional Development that are free or low cost. These will give you units to increase your standing on the pay scale. Click on the photo below for more information.  

Dollar Bills

Build Your Retirement

Did you know that CTA has a 403b Program for Educators. Fees are much lower than regular funds. 

**SMEA will be hosting an informational webinar this fall 2023 but in the meantime for more information click on the photo below. 

CTA 403b_edited.jpg

Fun Things to Do:

 CTA and NEA offers loads of discounts on travel, shopping and fun things to do. Click here to look around and find something to do. 

Holiday Destination
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