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REAC Committee


We envision a San Marcos Unified community where all stakeholders are committed to understanding implicit bias, creating social justice, and eradicating racist systems and policies. This will ensure a community in which all people are treated with dignity, respect, and equality. 



In order for us to create an equitable environment for teaching and learning,  we must create inclusive spaces that elevate the ideas, values, cultures, and concerns of all individuals equally. We are committed to seeing through our vision by: 

  • Acknowledging that a white eurocentric curriculum and experience is often considered the norm and the standard to which all “other” experiences are measured, which is inherently racist. We will work to remove and replace racist curriculum with culturally inclusive and responsive curriculum. 

  • Providing racial equity and social justice training focused on a commitment to anti-racism and dismantling racist policies and systems. 

  • Assessing our progress by soliciting and implementing stakeholder feedback about our progress.


Meetings (on Zoom):

Wednesday, October 13th @ 4:00-5:00pm 


Remember, we are a "come when you can, do what you can" organization. Burnout is real and this work is ongoing -- take care of yourself too. 


Contact: for more information or to join a meeting, please contact 

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